Crazy 88

Crazy 88



When crazy becomes an asset


Prepare for trail battle! The night starts just outside Grand Hôtel in Mölle as you enter the first of four loops of one of Sweden’s toughest courses. At lest half your race will be in the dark, luckily you’ll have access to your drop bag and a warm and cosy aid station once every loop. The cut-off time is set to 18 hours, given that you have entered your last loop before 16.00 at Saturday.


Welcome to a night you will never forget.



Distance: 88 km


 Accumulated height gain: ≈ 4000 metres


Duration: 12-14 hours


Maximum time: 18 hours


Date: Friday 1st of November 2019


Start time: CEST 23:59:59 (start groups)


Start position: Grand Hôtel, Mölle